On request booking


The customer must ask for availability of a product or service to THEDIRECTBOOKING.COM (LARESERVADIRECTA.COM) and we will make a request for availability to the company or the person responsible for the product or service and, when they answer confirming the availability, THEDIRECTBOOKING.COM (LARESERVADIRECTA.COM) will send the customer an email with a link when the customer can check and pay the product/s or service/s that the customer wants to reserve. The customer will have 50 hours to pay. If the customer do not pay in this time, the reserve will be automatically cancelled and the customer must restart the steps to ask for availability for the product or service again by THEDIRECTBOOKING.COM (LARESERVADIRECTA.COM).

When there were any availability, THEDIRECTBOOKING.COM (LARESERVADIRECTA.COM) could offer the customer any other alternative to be judged by the customer.