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Terms for bookings on-line 

The confirmations of the bookings are immediately, via e-mail, on time if the customer has paid the total amount of the bookings.

When there is no availability of one determined product or service, LARESERVADIRECTA.COM (THEDIRECTBOOKING.COM) has to perform an inquiry for the booking ON REQUEST to the company or person, who offers determined product or service. If mentioned person or company answers confirming affirmative the availability of the same LARESERVADIRECTA.COM (THEDIRECTBOOKING.COM) will send an e-mail with to the customer, which contains a link, there he can verify products or services he likes to book and he can pay directly. The customer has a time limit of maximal 48 hours to perform the payment. If payment for those bookings has not been performed in this time, the bookings are canceled and the customer has to start again the process to ask for the availability of a product or service.

The user accepts explicity this terms of booking and that the use of this website is his responsibility. The user assumes the total costs of services, repairs, etc. necessary in the system of them. Also, the user accepts explicity that neither LARESERVADIRECTA.COM (THEDIRECTBOOKING.COM), or partners from LARESERVADIRECTA.COM (THEDIRECTBOOKING.COM), or their employeesor agents, or any person or company which has participated in the creation, production and distribution of this website are responsible before any person or company for any loss, damage (by the use or try to use of this website).

LARESERVADIRECTA.COM (THEDIRECTBOOKING.COM) will not be responsible for claims or derivative damages caused by bad performance, mistakes, omissions, interruptions, put-out, defaults, delays of handling, computer virus, theft, destruction, unauthorized access to personal recordings or the change of them or the using data information, etc.


Terms for rent a car 

LARESERVADIRECTA.COM (THEDIRECTBOOKING.COM) can work directly on La Palma by TAMANCA INFORMACION S.L. or through a partner company, who offers the reserved car to the customer.

First of all the company, who delivers the car to the customer must make a contract, where they authorize one or more drivers to drive the car. This contract must be signed, at least, by the principal driver and the rent a car company. The rent a car company specifies to the customer the terms , when the customer gets the car, the petrol, condition of bodywork and equipment, which can be included in the renting, etc...It is necessary that the authorize/s driver/s carry always the valid contract, otherwise it is possible that competent authorities can give a fine.

The driver/s of the car must present in the moment of the realization of the contract for the car the original documents, driving license and identy card or passport. The company cannot admit the presentation of copies, in paper or digitized. Without the origal documents it is impossible to perform the contract and therefor it is impossible to handover the booked car to the customer.

The tenant is resposible for the correct handling of the car

If a booked car is not available LARESERVADIRECTA.COM (THEDIRECTBOOKING.COM), delivers a car of the same, or superior group.

LARESERVADIRECTA.COM (THEDIRECTBOOKING.COM) reservs itself the right to refuse the rental based on previous incidents of the tenant or non-fulfillment of the General Terms. failure to comply with the General Terms.



AirprtT: An employee waits with a nameplate for the customer at the MEETING POINT at an estimated time of his  arrival. Therefor it is indispensable to communicate flightnumber and time of arrival to the company. In case of delay or change of arrival time, the customer must contact the company as soon as possible. The customer has to go directly after arrival and luggage collection, to the meeting point from La Palma Airport. The employee will wait for the customer not more than 30 minutes after arrival of his plane. The meeting point is located on the parking area P1, S-2, Zone A (if you take an elevator press the button S-2).

Harbour: An employee waits with a nameplate for the customer at the entrance of the harbour terminal from S/C de La Palma (Estación Marítima de S/C de La Palma). Therefor it is indispensable to communicate arrival time to the company. In case of delay or change of arrival time, the customer must contact the company as soon as possible. The customer has to go directly after arrival to the entrance of the harbour. The employee will wait for the customer not more than 30 minutes after arrival of the ferry.

At Hotel/Apartments: An employee waits for the customer at the reception at the time agrred in the booking. In case of delay or change of time, the customer must contact the company as soon as possible. The employee will wait not more than 15 minutes after the agreed time. 

The deliveries of cars to the airport from La Palma has an additional cost of 10 euro, the harbor from S/Cde La Palma 20 euro and hotels/apartment 10 euro, they must be paid in the moment of signing the contract in cash.



The customer and/or authorized driver receives the rentedvehicle andaccessorieshiredby LARESERVADIRECTA.COM (THEDIRECTBOOKING.COM)  in perfect and functional conditions and he promises to conserve them  and use the car fulfilling the rules of the road traffic act.

It is explicity prohibited:

a) Transport persons or merchandise, if this implies directly or indirectly subrenti of the car or its unsuitable use.

b) Driving the car by unauthorized drivers who are not listed in the contract made by the company who offers the service.

c) Driving the car in interiiority of physical weakness  caused by alcohol or drugs.

d) Driving with the car on forest tracks, beaches or unpaved zones.

e) Transport more persons in the car than authorized in the vehicle registration.

f) Unseal or manipulate the odometer. The customer must communicate immediately the company, if there is any damage on it.

g) Use the car for any kind of sports competitions, tow  away or push other vehicles or teach driving to other persons.

The non compliance with any of the aforementioned paragraph, suppose automatically the delete of the coverage of protection against collision, as well as the coverage for personal injury.

Likewise, if there is non compliance with any beforementioned paragraph, the company reservs the right  to cancel the contract without previous notification and  takes the car back., staying in favor of the company deposit or bond made by the customer.



The car will be returned in the place, date and hour stipulated in the confirmed bookingt. If the car returns with delay, the customer must pay the fifth part of the daily price for every delayed hour.  Likewise, if the customer don´t inform the rent a car company to renovate the contract, he runs the risk that the rent a car company makes a complaint for undue appropriation.

The car must be returned with the same level of petrol, which had had the car at the moment of the delivery. In a contrary case, the customer must pay difference of petrol at the market price plus 10 € like surcharge, cost of the employee doing the service to refill the car at the petrol station. The rent a car can require a deposit for the petrol, to make sur that the car returns with the same level. No refund will be given for unused petrol.

At the return of the car, there will be a revision. In case there are  any spots or soils, which require like upholstry inside or at the outside, due to oil, food, solar protection, colour, saltpetre, rust, animals, etc., wich cannot be cleaned by vaccum cleaner or air pression, will be an extra cost for the customer. The time of the employee and products to clean will be charged to credt card of the customer.

Return of the car at La Palma airport: The car return must be in the parking hall of the airprt Parking P1,LEVEL S-2,  ZONE A. In case, the customer parks the car in another place and advise immediatly the extra charge is 15 euro. The extra charge increase to 30 euro if the client omit to give an advise to the company.

In no circumstances the customer can return the car in the area of CAR RENTAL, in a contrary case the extra charge is 45,00 euro.



The customer agrees to pay further the charges determined in the contract, the costs occasioned by:

a)Loss or subtraction of car accessories, tools, spare tire, battery, keys and documentation which cost depends on the price of each one.

b) The amount of fines for infractions at the road trafic act and as well as the cost of towing service for improperly parked cars. If the rent a car has to transact any documention caused by fine, the customer has to pay 12,00 euros in concept for expenses for theprocessing. At the moment the fine has reached to the office of the company, independant the lapsed time between car hire and reception of the fine, the amount will be charged to the credit card of the customer.



The insurance paid by the customer covers the authorized driver/s against the civil responsibility by unlimited quantity, as well as bonds and legal defence.

The acceptance of the supplement payment for coverage agaist collision, exonerate to pay for expenses occasioned at the hired car, except in beforementioned circumstances of the paragraph 2.

The acceptance for the supplement payment for personal accident will cover the epenses for occupants in the car and the driver, except in beforementioned circumstances of the paragraph 2.

It is expressly excluded from the insurance coverage, the loss, theft or damages on any personal belongings inside of the car. The tires, windowpanes, screens, petrol and partly thefts are not included in the coverage of the present paragraph.



In case of an accident it is obligatory for the customer to:

a) Not move the car from the place of the accident until a competent authority has been in person and done the attestation.

b) Communicate immediatly the circumstances of the accident to the rent a car company.

c) Not agree with the contrary part any accordance about the accident.

d) Not leave the damaged car without having taken all necessary measures to avoid further damage or loss.

e) Take up the data of the contrary part, in terms of the driver, owner of the car and inscurance company.

The rent a car company does not assume the cost for taxi or public transport for the occupants of the car, except the company has given expressly the consent previously of the transport to the customer  If the accident has been caused by negligence or non respect to the road traffic act through the customer, he is responsible for expenses caused by the accident such as traffic fines, towing service for moving the cars, transport of car passengers, etc.

Even if the car is fully insuranced, this insurance gets without effect ,if there is no comply of any of the circumstances in the beforementioned paragraph from 6-a to 6-e.

In case of an accident, caused by the customer, the rent a car company will charge to him 15 euro/daily,  during the days needed to repair the car.



In case of a breakdown of the car, it is obligatory for the customer to advise immediately the rent a car company.

It is forbidden for the customer to do any maintenance or repairs at the damaged car and he can not complain an economic payment amout for these works to the car rental company.

In case of a breakdown of the car, the customer has the right to get another the car, always if the rent a car company has a. car of the same or superior group available. When the rent a car company can not replace the car, they has to refund the amount corresponding of the days, the customer could not enjoy of the car.



The customer declares to be fully authorized to drive the car, which he is renting, any responsibility goes to burden of the customer

The customer must have minimum 2 years the drivers licence and the age of more than 21 years.



The customer who drives the car from the company under influence of drugs, narcotics, alcoholic drinks or with any other form of alteration of mental faculties, will assume the complete responsibility for damages produced to the car of the rent a car company, as well as damages to other cars, persons, objects, animals and to third in general.

The driver in beforementioned  abnormal conditions also assumes the responsibility for the persons or objects transported in the car and the sanctions which can be imposed to the customer.

The customer has no right of replacement of the car, if he has caused an accident and the car is unusable, nor will be a refund for any amount because of abovementioned concept. 


For any questions compliance could derive and execution of the present contract,the contracting parties undergo expressly to the jurisdiction of the Courts from Los Llanos de Aridane with waiving on its own jurisdiction.



It is expressly forbidden for the customer to take out the hired car of territory never can take off the car from the island of La Palma, unless he has an express written permission from the rent a car company.

In case of noncompliance of beforementioned the contract is automatically rescinded. The rent a car company is able to exercise before the court any action necessary in law.


Terms for rent apartments and cottages

The apartments and/or cottages must be equipped with furnitures and the facilities appropriate for conservation, elaboration and consumption of food and drinks inside the accommodation. If there were other furnitures, equipments, domestic appliances, etc. like for example: TV with or without satellite, sun loungers, air conditioning, central heating, WiFi, swimming pool, etc, in the descriptions of them, they will be included.

This type of accommodations mostly do not have a permanent reception, that´s why the customer has to collect the key in the offices of Tamanca Info S.L. in Puerto Naos. The customer has to specify the estimated time of arrival at the accommodation, it exists  a margin of about 40 minutes. In case of delay or change of time, the customer must inform us as soon as possible to avoid the NO SHOW. It is necessary, at the booking moment, to confirm the arrival time to pick up the keys. The buisiness hours are monday-friday 9.00-13.00 and 16.00-20.00, saturdays 9.00-13.00, sundays and holidays the offices are closed. For arrivals outside the buisiness hours it is necesary to advise with the exactly time to collect the keys. An excessive delay of arrival time can cause additional cost of 15,00 euro for each waiting hour.

The access to the accommodations is between 12:00 and 17:00. The customer must leave the accommodation before 12:00.

All prices shown in LARESERVADIRECTA.COM (THEDIRECTBOOKING.COM) are including tax 7% (I.G.I.C. 7 %). The service offered  to the customer is two changes of towels (1 big towel and 1 medium towel per person) a week and a weekly cleaning with change of sheets. In cottages the change of towels  can be done with a weekly change, always if there are enough towels in the accommodation (3 big towels and 3 small towels).

All apartments and cottages from LARESERVADIRECTA.COM (THEDIRECTBOOKING.COM) are with Only ACCOMMODATION (O.A.), that means, that none of the complex of apartments or cottages offer catering.

The customer is plenary and exclusively responsible for the correct declaration of the number of persons who will occupy the accommodation (without omitting children or babies), with the age of them in the moment of the booking. We advise the the administration of the accommodation can refuse leaglly to permit the entrance of persons who are not declared in the booking. This is no reason for a complain.

Any break or damage made by the customer to the equipment, furniture, walls, ceilings etc. in the accommodatione will have to be paid by the customer at the moment they had happened or, when the customer leaves the accommodation. In case the customer has not paid the above mentioned damages or breaks, he(she) accepts in advance the payment of them and LARESERVADIRECTA.COM  (THEDIRECTBOOKING.COM) will charge the amount of the repair of the damages to the creditcard of the customer. 

There are additional beds and/or babycuts available on request and they must be confirmed always by the establishment and they can charge for each unit  daily 1,50 Euros tax 7% included  (I.G.I.C 7 %).The maximum number of additional beds and/or cots per accommodation is 1. 

Animals are NOT ALLOWED.

Smoking is prohibited into the accommodations, it is only possible to smoke in enabled areas and signposted for this purpose.


Terms for modification or cancellation for the bookings from cars and accommodations


Expenses 0,00 Euros always if the customer communicates and justifies to us, at least, 24 hours in advance for bookings with 7 days (1 week).

Cancellations with less than 24 hours and NO SHOW have expenses of the amount of 1 day of the contracted product.

The refund of any amount ,  if it has to be done at all, will be in the same way, the customer has used for the payment. LARESERVADIRECTA.COM (THEDIRECTBOOKING.COM) do not assume the expenses for the refund if the customer has paid by credit card, excepting their own payment system Visa/Mastercard. The expensese for the refund of nacional transfer is 5,00 Euros and for internacional transfer is 15,00 Euros.

LARESERVADIRECTA.COM (THEDIRECTBOOKING.COM) is not responsible for possible expenses caused by the credit card or the bank of the customer. No cash refund  will be made unless the payment of the customer payment has been in cash.


Christmas, New Year, Carnival, Easter and Summer (from 15th july to 25th august), will be applied the following cancellation or modification terms:

* Modification of a booking: 10 Euros

* Cancellation of a booking :

            1.- Cancellation with more than 48 hours: 15 Euros.

            2.- Cancellation with less than 48 hours : 20% from the total of the booking.

           3.- NO SHOW: 50% of the total of the booking.

 In any case, all modifications and cancellations due to adverse weather conditions the expense is = 0,00 Euros.